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  Logan's Lane Training Center Fees  

Boarding/Training Options (per month):

Horses in full training for show: This price includes daily grooming supplies & care and turnout, show horse quality feed, bedding, and supplements such as Daily Wormer. $450.00 (vet fees/care additional)

Downtime Board: Price includes daily grooming supplies & care & turnout. Horse will remain on show horse diet with neck wrapping and grooming as needed. No show fitting. $250.00

Broodmare Care:  Includes pasture board until 30 days prior to foaling and immediately after foaling. Box stall and individual feed as required depending on mare.  24 hour camera  monitoring while horse is stalled prior to foaling. $150.00 per month

Foaling Service Charge: Per mare - $300.00. All vet fees are additional.

Show and Sale Photo Prep Fees:

Horse Show Fees: Show fees include clipping, trailering and show preparation - $375.00 per horse, per show.  If the show is a double registry show (AMHA/AMHR or AMHR/ASPC) then there will be an additional charge of $50.00.

Body Clipping and prep: Prep for photo shoots, NOT done at a horse show - $75.00

AMHA World Show/ AMHR Nationals /ASPC Shetland Congress:  Show fees to be determined

Other Fees:

Hoof Trimming: $25.00

Vaccinations and Shots: Price will be dictated by administering vet and included on client’s  monthly invoice from Logan's Lane Training Center.

Agent Fee:  A 10% commission, horse’s  sale price, will be due to Logan's Lane from the owner of any horse sold while in training or within 45 days of being in training at Logan's Lane Training Center.

Additional Vet Charges: Veterinary care fees (including but not limited to Coggins, Ultrasounds, and Immunizations) will be itemized on client’s monthly invoice.

Logan's Lane Training Center appreciates the opportunity to showcase your horse on our show string. We will do our best to show your horse to its best potential. Our goal for every horse is a World/National/Congress Championship.Logan's Lane will decide which horse(s) are to be presented in the Grand/Res Grand and Supreme classes, depending on what horse we believe has the best chance of winning on that given day.



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